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  AARC Summer Forum 2011

Status: Frozen
Total Functions: 3
Date: 07/18/2011 thru 12/20/2011
Early Registration Deadline: 05/20/2011
Regular Registration Deadline: 07/10/2011
Event Contact: info@aarc.org

Thank you for your interest in our educational events. You can contact us by phone to make changes to your registration.

At Summer Forum, concurrent tracks for managers and educators offer 2 ½ days of educational sessions targeting current challenges in respiratory care. course # 212261000

Beyond the Preceptor: A Guide To Mentoring for Program Facu 01:30 PM   
Summer Forum 08:00 AM   
Competency College: Ensuring Competency for Students & Staf 01:30 PM   

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