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  Competency College: Ensuring Competency for Students & Staff

Status: Frozen
Total Functions: 1
Date: 07/20/2011 thru 07/20/2011
Early Registration Deadline: 05/20/2011
Regular Registration Deadline: 06/28/2010
Event Contact: info@aarc.org

Thank you for your interest in our educational events. You can contact us by phone to make changes to your registration.

The 2011 Competency College will logically follow many of the issues addressed in the Summer Forum pre-course titled "Beyond Preceptoring: A Guide To Mentoring for Program Faculty, Department Educators and Managers", and speak to the issue of competency assessment. It will address assuring competency of both students as well as employees - requirements of both CoARC and The Joint Commission. We invite program faculty charged with documenting the competency of their students, and RC department managers and department educators responsible for documenting the competency of their staff to join us for a timely and meaningful session. Approved for 3.33 hours of CRCE credit (you must attend the entire course to receive CRCE credits; no partial credit will be awarded). Attendance is limited, first-come, first-served.

Competency College: Ensuring Competency for Students & Staff 01:30 PM   

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